White Bamboo Tabletop Collection 

Spun Bamboo Canisters

Designer Lacquer Decorative Boxes






Bringing a touch of the East to Western homes

Bodhi Tree Collections offers the experience of the Far East through each eco-friendly gift item, tabletop ornament, home decoration and room accent that we produce. Our company imports beautiful Spun Bamboo canisters and Designer Lacquer boxes from Southeast Asia. We pride ourselves on being a responsible trading partner and we ensure that all items have been sourced from responsible producers across Southeast Asia. We do this by personally visiting all the workshops that help us create each unique design.  We have a strong relationship with the artisans that develop our handmade treasures, which ensures that each item is created with care and love. 


Our handmade, eco-friendly home decorative products are a melody of form and function meant for entertaining and beautifying your cherished spaces.  The organic bamboo and natural lacquer materials in our products are obtained through sustainable means and developed through careful attention to detail.  We promise to consistently bring quality, fashionable home decor to you and your loved ones to treasure.